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Plant MetGenMAP manual

Input Data Format
Uploading and Processing
    Obtaining an account
    Upload Form
    Data uploading
    Processing Datasets
Project Management
Browsing Pathways
Promoter analysis
Analyzing Dataset
    Changed Pathways
    GO Enrichment
    Functional classification
Adding New Platforms
Update Pathways and Genes

Pathway and Gene Information Updates

The system keeps updating biochemical pathway databases and gene annotations (including GO terms) when the corresponding information are available. When a pathway database is updated, datasets in the database which were derived from the corresponding organism need to be reprocessed in order to obtain the updated pathway analysis results. Here is how to reprocess an existing dataset in the system:

  1. Login to the system and click "Edit parameter" for the dataset to be reprocessed;
  2. Without changing any parameters of the "Edit parameters" form, click "Edit" button;
  3. Now the "Process" action is active for the dataset. Click "Process" and the dataset will be reprocessed and the pathway analysis results will be updated.

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