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Download Penium genome/gene sequence data*(ftp site)

   - Penium genome scaffold sequence

   - Penium master gene CDS sequence

   - Penium master gene protein sequence

   - Penium master gene annotation file

   - Penium high-confidence gene CDS sequence

   - Penium high-confidence gene protein sequence

   - Penium high-confidence gene gff3 file

   - Penium chloroplast and mitochondrion genomes

Please cite the following paper if you use the data from this database:

Jiao C, Sørensen I, Sun X, Sun H, Behar H, Alseekh S, Philippe G, Lopez KP, Sun L, Reed R, Jeon S, Kiyonami R, Zhang S, Fernie AR, Brumer H, Domozych DS, Fei Z, Rose JKC (2020) The Penium margaritaceum genome: Hallmarks of the origins of land plants. Cell 181:1097-1111