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GO terms for UN20218 (based on top Swiss-Prot and TrEMBL hits)

GO Biological Process GO:0006955 - immune response
GO:0016311 - dephosphorylation
GO:0032691 - negative regulation of interleukin-1 beta production
GO:0032929 - negative regulation of superoxide anion generation
GO:0045019 - negative regulation of nitric oxide biosynthetic process
GO:0006811 - ion transport
GO:0034097 - response to cytokine stimulus
GO:0006810 - transport
GO:0006826 - iron ion transport
GO:0030643 - cellular phosphate ion homeostasis
GO:0050830 - defense response to Gram-positive bacterium
GO:0032496 - response to lipopolysaccharide
GO:0032695 - negative regulation of interleukin-12 production
GO:0032720 - negative regulation of tumor necrosis factor production
GO:0050728 - negative regulation of inflammatory response
GO:0042542 - response to hydrogen peroxide
GO Molecular Function GO:0016791 - phosphatase activity
GO:0046872 - metal ion binding
GO:0004601 - peroxidase activity
GO:0008199 - ferric iron binding
GO:0008270 - zinc ion binding
GO:0008198 - ferrous iron binding
GO:0016787 - hydrolase activity
GO:0016491 - oxidoreductase activity
GO:0003993 - acid phosphatase activity
GO:0005506 - iron ion binding
GO Cellular Component GO:0005829 - cytosol
GO:0005773 - vacuole
GO:0005764 - lysosome
GO:0016021 - integral to membrane
GO:0005576 - extracellular region