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radish ESTs

version 1.0 (June 2012)

A total of 314,799 Raphanus ESTs were collected from NCBI dbEST database. These ESTs were processed to remove low quality, adaptor, and vector sequences, resulting in 311,021 high quality Raphanus EST sequences. Among these ESTs, 149,092 were from cultivated radish (R. sativus) while 161,929 were from wild radish (R. raphanistrum) including three subspecies, subsp. raphanistrum (80,380 ESTs), subsp. landra (41,398 ESTs) and subsp. maritimus (40,151 ESTs). The ESTs were further assembled into 85,083 unigenes using iAssembler, among which 33,322 are singletons and 51,761 are contigs.

Sequences used for assembly
Total number of raw ESTs314,799
Total number of high quality ESTs (after cleaning)311,021
Unigene information
Total number of contigs51,761
Total number of singletons33,222
Total number of unigenes     (UN00001-UN85083)85,083